Wunderlist Zapier Integration creates Duplicates

Sarvothaman Madhavan 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 5
I have created a Zapier integration between Wunderlist and WeekPlan.
In the integration settings I have left the date field as blank. When I run the zap,

  • I see one entry in the List I selected and one entry on the current date.
  • When I delete one of the tasks both are deleted.
  • When I drag the item from week/day planner to parking lot list both are present in the list. But on page reload one of the duplicate goes back to current date in week/day
I verified the number of tasks fetched and number of tasks sent by zapier and it was only 1. I am evaluating WeekPlan and I would like to know if this will be resolved before I purchase pro
Under review
Could you please take a screenshot of the way you set up your zap in Zapier?
My apologies Aymeric,
Apparently even if I remove the date field zapier fills in the value to "today".
Even in that case the item still should not be duplicated to both current date and parking lot in week plan. Find the screenshot of my zap at this location:
Yes you are correct, I will fix that.