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Unable to stop synchronization of Google Calendar.

j.e.cheadle 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 3 years ago 4

There is one calendar I am unable to de-sync whether I "stop synchronization" or unclick "pull" and then "save". Have tried many times, always get "server error," then weekplan starts pulling all the calendar entries I have deleted... I was able to successfully turn other calendars off and on, but I never actually pulled data from them.


I actually deleted that workspace and created a new one. That new one has started synchronizing with my calendar too. I haven't told it to. Surprisingly irritating. I also was sent here to report a bug and not a single response this whole time.

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Actually, you are probably seeing the tasks from the other workspace. You can filter a workspace to only show the tasks of the current workspace.

Or maybe not? Could you please confirm that's the case?

Not a bug

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