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***URGENT*** All of my custom boards and all tasks are missing/deleted

todd.travail 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7


I am not sure if this is a result of your latest update, however I logged into Week Plan this morning to plan out my week and all of my custom boards I set up + ALL of my to-do tasks have been deleted. I have attempted to fix the issue by logging in and out to no avail.

Is there anyway to recover my tasks? This is critical for me as this was my only running list of what I needed to get done at work.


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It is possible that you have logged in using a different email address. Do you have multiple email addresses? Please try your different email addresses

Alternatively, please give me the names of some of the boards you had so that I can look for them in the database.

Thanks, Aymeric. I thought the same thing so I tried my other email however that shows a brand new subscription. I am 99.9% confident that it is the correct email address as I use a standard google email for all of my work related stuff. Also tried resetting my password vs going through google single sign on (which should not be different but thought I would clutch at straws).

The only board I had was 'Projects' and some of the 'Lists' which I had on that board were
2. TR (I think)
3. Product (or Products)

Your email address is todd.**********@my****papers.com

I owe you an apology and a beer!