support @mention syntax for user assignment or mentions

shoemeat 3 years ago updated 9 months ago 6

I've found that if the first word is followed by a ":" (e.g. "Aymeric:"), it is rendered differently. I would like the same treatment for words with the mention syntax (e.g. "@Aymeric"). That is the more widespread notation for mentions.

This may be useful for indicating task assignment among users, but is useful even otherwise, because even when drawing up a personal task list, many of those tasks involve interacting with other people, and distinguishing them would help with organization.


You can already do this :)

Yes you can, but it's treated like any other text. First words with trailing ":" get rendered differently, in a box.

Here's a screenshot to show the difference.

If you start typing @, it should show you a list of users in your workspace and roles. If you pick one of the users, the task will automatically get assigned to that user (avatar dropped onto task)

Thanks. I did not know that. But then, I use Weekplan privately.

Since you already have the capability to render some text differently, appreciate if you could do the same for any @mentions, whether or not they were users on the site.

Use # notation for that then: #aymeric


I did use your suggestion (using # rather than @ to render differently) for some time, but have fallen back to @ for people (e.g. "call @mom") and # for tags (e.g. "call @mom for #birthdayparty") because this just feels more natural. 

I would like to repeat my request - render @mentions a bit differently than regular text, like you do #tags.