Can't add or update tasks - keep getting waiting for server messages.

Itai Maoz 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 4
This is critical. I now need to use a different note app to not forget what I wanted to update. Very frustrating for the money paid for a PRO account!!

Does anyone else get these message?
Under review
Are you still getting these issues?
Hi Aymeric,

Issues has been gone for a while (apologies for the late response, I only now saw this message when logging in to UserEcho). Thanks for fixing. However, today I started experiencing some glitches again.

I've been doing some cleanup (consolidating tasks into roles and removing too granular ones, same for parking lot lists) and adding a bunch of new tasks, and checking off completed ones. When suddenly a few tasks I've added today disappeared. I can find them when I search for them specifically, but cannot open them from the search results, and they are not showing up in the week view.

Please help. This is frustrating...

Thank you,
Contacted you about this issue privately.