why has weekplan deleted all my stuff?

maryghebrial 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 6

weekplan just updated and i opened it and it came up with all my thing gone, it was like i had started a new account but i hadnt? dont know why or how i lost all my stuff?


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probably because you used a different email address to log int, maybe via the google login button?

when i made my account the first time, i had logged in with the google button? i logged in after it updated with the same way i did before and all my data was gone.

Please give some examples of tasks with exact text, I will find your account.

i cant remember exact text but i had a parking lot titled shopping list- it had stuff like: ADLI facial oil, ALDI skin care, mud masks. i also had a task for monday 10th october which included: face mask, there was another task that was along the lines of cut out and glue together cardboard.


Wow took me a while to find a task... your previous account with weekplan was your outlook email address...

sorry! aha thankyou soo much!