App is not working very well. Upadtes calendars from Outlook on Phone and iPad app but not on my computer. Will not let me add ical info or disconnect or modify my Google integration. App extremely buggy and extremely frustaing.

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Andre Lima


We appreciate your feedback.

We're really sorry to hear from you that you're disappointed with our app.
Now, let me try to solve your issues. About the bugs you found:

- Does the problem occur only when you try to change a task from your computer or it also happens when you try to create it?
- Can you explain more about the issues you're having with iCal?

- Is that possible for you to send us a screenshot when you try to disconnect/modify your Google Integration?

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.

- Andre Lima.

Aymeric Founder
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We just deployed our new Google Calendar integration. Could you please give it a try?