Charged Twice

tremalien 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 5

Could someone please explain why i have two charges from "WISE LABS WEEKPLAN ULT" on the same day? One for $14 and one for $21 when I only have one account

Under review


We're really sorry for the inconvenience. Did you go through payment process only once and still caused this? I'll have our team to check this.


Andre Lima.

No i went through it twice last month. I bought the Pro plan then the Ultimate plan on the same day for the same account. So i understand the $14 charge but not the $21


You did have two active subscriptions. I have refunded the transactions from one subscription and left the other one as is.

Your account will get downgraded within the month because of the cancellation of the first subscription. When it happens please drop us a line and we will fix the account for you.

I have tried to cancel all recurring subscription after this occured last month, but I still got charged $14 this month. Can you please remedy this?

I have now canceled all subscriptions and refunded December's payment.