Show/Hide completed task from your Weekplan

Sudhir Kesharwani 7 years ago updated by Boo L. 3 years ago 7

Week plan is a great application,  thanks a lot for making it.  

Can we have a feature through which I can select to Show/Hide the completed tasks from my weekplan view.

Sometimes screen is full of completed tasks and that makes it really difficult to view what is pending.


Hi Sudhir,

I agree, I will add an extra links under "more actions" to allow you to filter completed tasks out.


Thanks for the prompt response on this idea.  This product is really evolving.

Hi! Where can I find the feature? THX!

Hi Carina!

Thank you for reaching out. You may use the filter option on the upper right side of your screen

Let us know if this helps :)

Glad that helped:) Thank you.

Have a great day!