Some recurring tasks do not delete properly

Webby 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 9

I am finding that a lot of my recurring tasks keep reappearing even after I have completed them and deleted them. Sometimes they reappear days after I have deleted them, other times it's within a couple of minutes.

Other than that, a fantastic product! :)

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Thanks for your feedback. Are you syncing your WeekPlan account with any Calendar app? If so, what calendar?


Andre Lima.


Thank you for your reply. No, I am not syncing with any other app, just using WeekPlan as a stand-alone app.



Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm forwarding your concerns to our technical team. Could you tell me about the OS/browser you're using to access our app?


Andre Lima.

Hi Andre,

I am using Firefox (currently version 50.0) on Windows 10.

An example of the issue I am having: I have a task showing on Sunday 13th November which is set to reoccur every two weeks. I marked this task as complete on Sunday and deleted it. However, every time I sign back in (or sometimes if the app refreshes in the screen) this task reappears and is marked as incomplete.

I've also had another task for Monday 14th, which is set to reoccur daily. This task has also been reappearing all week, and marked incomplete, each time I sign in or refresh, except today it seems to have stayed deleted even though I haven't done anything different.

Thanks for you help.

Kind regards


Thanks Paul, we are going to look into this issue in detail.

Also, sometimes I have waited until the following day to delete any completed tasks in case deleting them on the same day was somehow causing the issue. Sometimes this works but not always. The issue only seems to happen with recurring tasks - from what I have noticed all one-off tasks delete without a problem.

We have deployed our new Google Calendar integration. Your issue should be resolved. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the update. Things seem to be working fine at the moment! I'll let you know if the problem reoccurs at all. Thank you!