How to delete a goal that is completed?

melcontreras28 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 years ago 9

Right now it is just crossed out, is there a way to hide them to unclutter the workspace?

I don't want to view last week's completed goals.

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Last week's completed goals should not appear. Only non completed goals are shown and this week's completed goals are shown.

I agree, they should not appear. But, they do. Except for my most used role, for that one it doesn't.

I think I understand. You see goals from the 11th? That's the problem right?

The reason why they are showing is because you completed the goals on Monday.

I think I see what you mean: even if they had a date of last Sat or Sun (for example) if I actually click the "complete" button on a day of this week, then it will stay on the dashboard. If this is the case, thanks for explaining, please mark this question as "Answered".

Nope, the page refreshed itself and now completed goals in that role appear too. Argh!

I'm a new customer who really wants to like this app but I hope you understand how frustrating this is.

You need to explain the issue more in details because I don't understand it at the moment.

Maybe some screenshot would help?

Sure. Where/how do I send it to you? They are still showing up. I had few of them show up, then I did that thing when I moved the item that is in the first position down and then the page refreshed and when it loaded again I had a bunch of old completed goals show up (like from Dec 6).