Unfinished tasks not moving + some tasks are disappearing!

Lucía Galán 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 7

Hi! I've got a couple of issues I'd like to comment with you.

  1. For the last couple of weeks my unfinished tasks haven't been automatically moving to the next day.
  2. Even more worryingly, some tasks seem to completely disappear randomly when I refresh the page.
  3. Sometimes when I type in a new task it appears twice.
  4. My phone and my desktop weekplan aren't syncronising automatically - sometimes I have to refresh the page twice, or wait a couple of minutes.


Under review

Hi Lucia,

Sorry for the delay in answering, we have received a spike of support requests due to recent changes.

1. Do you still experience this issue? We have released a fix for this.

2. Do you still experience this problem? If yes, do you have a set of steps to reproduce it consistently? It would help us solve the problem.

3. This should also fixed, could you confirm?

4. You need to refresh the page manually to see new changes appear. Sometimes there might be a slight delay.

Thanks for your patience,


Hi Aymeric,

No probs! Thanks for getting back to me :)

  1. Yes, it's still happening. Admittedly it's happening less these days.
  2. It hasn't happened since I posted my message, but I can't speak for my coworkers. When it has happened in the past, what I had done was either try to move the task to a different corner or refresh the page first thing in the morning, so the day would automatically change to the next one.
  3. Yes, I had this issue again yesterday.
  4. Thanks, will do!

Hope this feedback proves useful somehow. Let me know if you need to know anything else!

Have a good one,


1. repeating tasks and tasks with start time will not move automatically by design.

3. Which country are you using the web app from?



Spain! Thanks for your help!


What internet browser do you use?


  1. Sometimes when I type in a new task it appears twice.