Under review

Workspace should only show workspace related items by default in weekly plan

davout 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 11 months ago 4

I have two workspaces defined - 'work' and 'personal'. I've noticed that if I define a task in the 'work' workspace then it still appears by default in the 'personal' workspace weekly planner panel view.

This seems counter intuitive. I think a better option would be to have a 'All' workspace option that shows all tasks from whatever workspace source.

Under review

I agree, we have a task to work on this.

Has this feature been implemented? If yes, wherer do i choose "All" workspaces?

We are planning to bring this feature back.

At the moment, we are showing related items in the workspace only. "All" workspaces is still not available yet.