Is there a way to hide completed tasks in the Roles/Goals section?

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I use ToodleDo as my task manager. Then, through Zapier, my tasks are added to my "Bucket List" in WeekPlan. I then decide what role I am going to assign each task and drag each one to the corresponding role column. Then I decide what days of the week I will complete each task and drag the task from "Role" to day of the week. Because new tasks come in every day my "Work" role column gets filled up quickly and becomes long. Is there an option to hide completed tasks/goals in the Roles/Goals section?


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in the top right corner, there is a Filtering feature. In there you can decide to hide completed tasks.

An archive feature would be useful too, since a filter might be too broad a mechanism.


Is there a way to select directly the role list when integrating with Zapier, instead of the bucket list?

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Thank you  for reaching out.  We do not have that  option, I'm sorry