Recurring Monthly Tasks

TroyJRoach 3 years ago updated by sophial 2 years ago 4

So far I am enjoying this productivity tool. One feature that would help me even more is the ability to recurringly schedule an item on a particular weekday of a month (for example "Every 3rd Thursday"). Any chance of that being added in the near future?

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Under review

You can already do that. You create a task on the third thursday, set a monthly repetition and pick the "day of week" option.

Thanks for your response. That did the trick.

This doesn't seem to always work? For example, I put in a task on Friday the 25th of May. I want this task to recur on the LAST Friday of every month. If I create a task and set a monthly repetition and pick the "day of the week" option, it then recurs on 22nd of June. This seems quite a big weakness in the system.