Yes! Please update it to how it was - it is now difficult to move tasks between days on a smaller laptop screen and you lose a feel for what is planned for the week
Also agree this is not good.
I can no longer see my whole week on 1 view, probably my favourite feature gone!
The new week view is difficult to manage. It is less simple and a hassle.
Completely agree. Also, if you have to leave it like that please put the pending list closer to the current day. It seems really counterproductive to have to scroll all the way just to look at it.
I liked the old view better too. Please test your stuff on smaller laptop screens.
I agree - this is tricky to use.  Can you make it so users have the choice to use the old view or the new view.
Under review
Hi everyone, I will add the option to switch from one view to another in the coming week. 

Thank you for your feedback! 
Thank you very much for taking the feedback on board and implementing a solution that works for all.  It is sincerely appreciated.
Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback. I have implemented both views to satisfy everyone. I will push the improvement further by persisting the preference so that you don't have to switch to list view every time.