Data disappearing sporadically?

David Fahlander 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 4
All my goals and tasks disappeared when changing to another computer. I am using Google Chrome.
Hi David, I am fairly confident your data was not lost. 
Do you remember a specific exact task that is missing? I will look for it in the database.
Hi again. The problem did not recover even after reloading the page, logging off, logging in again. But then I went to the other computer, data was still there. I logged off from my session at that machine and now the data is present again on the first computer when I signed in today.

So for now, the problem is solved, but is it something that I could do if it happens again? For example clearing Web storage db or cache?
The problem should be fixed now, it was related to repeating tasks I believe. Can you check if it works for you?
Thanx! I'm using the program right now and the last days. The problem seemed to have been gone since some time last week. I'll keep you posted if it ever occurs again! :)