What happened to the Outliner? It is no longer in the extension. I have an Ultimate account

ndevadasan 3 years ago updated by Boo L. 3 years ago 3

I recently started using Weekplan. I love the idea of planning weekly and putting in the big rocks. Currently my list of big rocks and small rocks etc are in a word doc. I noted that there was an extension called Outliner which can be used to integrate the goals etc to Weekplan. However, I do not see that extension anymore. Could you pls guide me.

Thanks - Nd


Hi Nd, we no longer offer the outliner, it wasn't used enough by our users.

I just started using Week Plan today. Outliner is still listed as a feature on your pricing page and a video tutorial is included on the tutorials page. I suggest you remove it from both to not confuse (or waste time) of new users like me. Took 15 minutes of digging before I found this post to figure what was happening.

Hi there,

Thank you for   reaching out and we apologize  for the confusions.  Your   request is noted.