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PAID BUT NO ACCESS TO FEATURES?! I've created a private ticket with no response- and this seems to be the only way to contact anyone for assistance, this is the ticket i submitted.

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I just tried to upgrade to the pro plan for $7/month. I entered my credit card info and submitted. I got a pop up stating that my card does not support this type of payment. I went to use PayPal, and as I was reading the details on the payment screen, I got a call from fraud prevention at my bank. I confirmed that the $7 was a legit charge, however, my plan has not upgraded. Please either upgrade my plan or cancel it and refund my money. I like this calendar software for the most part- more than any i've found, and am willing to upgrade, however, I'm a bit anxious over offering my financial info when things like this occur. Please reach out to me as soon as possible.

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Nicole Jeanne Wood


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So basically, you don't stand behind your product. So sad, because, despite it's (many) bugs, I liked WeekPlan's layout and wanted to upgrade, since I've already put in the work of setting it up. But if your company refuses to stand behind it's product and monetary processing, and tells me to "reverse the charge with my bank", even though it is a standard practice of US banks to charge for a reverse charge (google US bank accounts, if you don't believe me), I'll eat the $7 lousy dollars and find a new product. I'm totally astounded to see your last response, which not only assumes incorrect facts; but basically tells me I'm out of luck and your keeping my money: "So, your bank doesn't allow you to make transactions online, AND charges you $36 to reverse a transaction? Time to change bank :) I can't help any further at this stage." I don't know about how businesses run there, but in the US, the customer is right (even if they aren't) and we stand behind our products and services.

In the end, it's good I'm walking away now, before I invest any more time or lose anymore money with your half-worth software.

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Hi Nicole!

Thank you for reaching out. We will be more than happy to assist you. may we just clarify when was the payment made please?

Within the past couple of days. The payment hit my bank yesterday (March 1, 2017) around 2:30pm EST, United States.

It seems that the transaction has been declined by your bank.

My banks fraud prevention department called to verify the charge (I confirmed it was me who made the charge) and it shows as pending with an exact $7 difference between my current and available balance. I will wait another day or two to see if it reverses itself.

Yes please reverse it, we don't have access to it from our end.

What am I to reverse?  If you are referring to the bank charge, that will cost me an additional $36 US.  Is there something else you were referring to?


Nicole Jeanne Wood
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So, your bank doesn't allow you to make transactions online, AND charges you $36 to reverse a transaction? Time to change bank :) I can't help any further at this stage.

No.  I make transactions all the time, online.  Daily, in fact.  The fee to reverse a charge is standard at all banks in the US.  

Just to be clear: We never received your money. Here is a screenshot of our payment system:

That shows me nothing, except that someone with a MasterCard had a declined charge.  I use Stripe for my own business so I know how it works.  I should have marked the charge as fraudulent when fraud protection called, but disregarded it and approved the charge as legit becuase I did make a $7 transaction to your company, and assumed it was because it was a charge from outside the US from a non-reputable source.