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I don't have a good synchro between iPhone and weekplan.net, can you help me ?

siennaval 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 6

Mine hasn't synced at all, since I first downloaded the app. This product is buggy, and when they charged my bank account without upgrading my plan, then told me to "reverse the charge with the bank" (which, if you are in the US, you know costs anywhere from $25-$40 to do) and then says "{They] can't help me anymore" before seising response. Be aware of giving your money to this "company". It's either a scam or just very poor business practives. Either way, the customer looses.


Hi there,

what do you mean by "not a good synchro"?

1. Tasks you create are not sent to the web version?

2. You don't see your existing iphone events in web version?

Did you log into your WeekPlan account on your iphone app?

And please note that the app doesn't push the phone's events.

That was someone else's question which I commented on. I assume the mean their mobile device did not sync to match the work they did in the online app. Mine did not either, at all, since the first time I signed into the mobile app. Nothing updated on the mobile app after. It doesn't matter, for me now, tho.  I have since disabled my account due to the previously discussed payment issues and other bugs. 

Thank you. 
Nicole Jeanne Wood 

I am having sync issues, too. I have entered about 10-15 new tasks in my iphone app, but these tasks are not appearing in Windows desktop app no matter how many times i log in and out of both devices.

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Hi there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

May we ask which browser you are using to open the web app? Also, which ios software version you have on your iphone?