Dragging dropping randomly repeated task from Roles to weekly plan

wisdomlight 3 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 7

Most of my weekly tasks are repeats.

But not necessarily on the same day or time of the week.

So simple repeat is a hassle.

Storing all my activities/tasks in my Roles and goals and then designing my week by draging and dropping them to the appropriate Day/Time slot seems to offer greater flexibility.

So ability to create generic activity that can be dragged and dropped where and when - seems like a good idea.


A clarification on the above.

The important thing is that the activities in the Roles and Goals are not removed they remain to be used each week. I guess it is like a copy and paste thing.


Check out our new version http://next.weekplan.net You can easily schedule tasks in the "time bar" that appears in the top of the list when you drag tasks.

Let me know if that solves your use case?

Hi Aymeric.

Using Mozilla firefox on Linux I found the next.weekplan.net not working best.

So it was not possible to determine whether the feature is what I was requesting.

From what I managed to do it seems like yes.

also it does look very nice!

i treid it again and i think the idea is there but it does not function very well.

Say I want a task 'T' to appear 3 times during the week in different times.

'T' is in my goals - I can drag it to say monday.

But then I cannot drag the other extra two instances I need.


Ok I understand now. In current app, you can press CTRL when you start dragging a task and it will clone it instead of moving it. So you can CTRL drag a goal into multiple days.

Yes exactely what I wanted!! thanks