Where are the role goal boxes which fill up when you complete tasks, as shown in the tutorials?

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Really enjoying Weekplan so far, it has so many features which put it a step above other planner app's!

Something I really loved the idea of in the tutorials is the goal boxes which fill up as you complete tasks for your different roles, where you earn points for doing tasks about being a friends, etc

I've been using week plan for over a month and still haven't come across this feature. is it hidden or has it been removed?



Boo L.
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Hi Georgina!

Thank you for reaching out. We no longer have this option but we do have the Analytics for a quick view or your completed and pending tasks :)

Let us know if there is anything else we may assist you with.

Aymeric Founder

Actually Boo, we still have "momentum bars" (for lack of a better name). They show on top of the role header in the "Goals" section. For a momentum bar to increase, you need to complete tasks associated with that role.