Load up at Startup

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How can I get the WeekPlan app on Windows to always startup whenever I reboot?



Windows app

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Hi J!

Thank you for reaching out. You may add the app to your start menu :) Here is a guide that you may follow: http://tunecomp.net/add-app-to-startup/

Have a great day!

Hi Boolagu,

Many thanks for your response. I have located the Startup folder as the guide directed me to, however, I am unable to get a shortcut link to WeekPlan in order to place it there.

This is very strange. I have WeekPlan pinned to my taskbar, but when I went to the Taskbar folder, all the shortcut links I have on my taskbar are present, apart from WeekPlan. In the Start menu, it only gives me the option to pin to task bar and not to create a shortcut. I have a feeling that Windows Apps, which are downloaded from the App store work differently to standard installed applications.

I even did a search through my whole C Drive, but WeekPlan doesn't seem to show up.



Excellent! Many thanks for this - not only has it helped me in solving this one issue - but has helped everyone who views this in relation to other Apps they may want to create shortcuts for or want to add to the Startup.