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iOS App: repeated tasks show as open although they are finished

Franky65 3 years ago updated by rohnig12 2 years ago 7

Mainly I work with weekplan directly in the Cloud. In the iOS-App all tasks with repeat function (daily) shows as open although the are done in the Cloud!

Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for for reaching out. Do you mean that tasks you completed on the web version don't show completed on the app? Did you try to pull down to refresh the app?

Yes I mean that. I pull down to refresh the app - but the finished Tasks are open in the iOS-App (on the Web App they are finished)

I will pass this on to the iOS developer thanks!

But only the Tasks with daily repeat function!

This task has been open for a year and is still occurring.

What is the status of this issue? Were you able to recreate this issue?

I'm running on older iOS 9.3.5 because I'm using an iPad that is no longer being updated by Apple.


Good day! I hope this email finds you well.

We are reaching out to ask if this issue is still present on your end? If so, may we ask for a screenshot for reference?

We have recently purchased the app from the independent ios developer and we are running through the previously reported issues again.

Thank you for understanding. Looking forward to your response!


I attached screenshots of three dates that show the task in IOS but not in Android. The first two are for the task "Replace furnace air filter" and the third one is for "Run LG's Tub Clean cycle".

The issue does not occur for every repeating task. I have not found a pattern so I am unable to reproduce the issue.