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WeekPlan: next Version - show planned date

Franky65 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

In the Big Rocks View I can see the next step of Tasks. It would be helpfull also to see the planned date of the next step.

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Excellent feedback! Will do.

Hi Aymeric. In Version 1 the feature is realized.

In Version 1, the Roles and Goals task lists display the date on which the task is scheduled. Can this feature be adopted in version 2? So you can better control longer lists and see if there is a planning date or if the task is not yet planned. For this you do not always have to edit the task to get the planned date.


Thank you for your suggestion.

This is not a priority at the moment but I will share this with our founder and the team to look into. 

Have a great day!