Make Saturday and Sunday bigger

Aymeric (Founder) 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 3

04/09/2012 - I made such a proposal. Like it? What do you think?



I have never seen that! Thank you!
I like:
- the loading indicator in the navbar
- the days all side by side but it can cause an issue on smaller screens. My solution would be to use an horizontal scrolling (similar to trello).
- like the grey color instead of the blue background. It goes well with the gold color.
- R1 R2 R3 to be able to simply associate a task to a role "This is my task 2! R1"
- your attempt at better dividing the days (with vertical lines). But I think it can look better, I don't know how.
I feel the topbar is too busy, I think it would be better to have two bars (like trello) to give some space with < Week #51 > in the second bar.
I prefer showing the colors of the role on the side like it is today, it is more subtle.
I glad to read that some of things you like. Others is quite understandable, this idea is 3 months old and today I moved it again for the better.