Import ics

Jacquelyn 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 2
I've been having all sorts of trouble with the Google Calendar sync (nothing entered in Google calendar shows up in WeekPlan, and things that I deleted or checked off weeks ago in WeekPlan randomly appear on my current day in Google Calendar!). As I've messed around trying to get it to work, I've come to realize that I don't actually need full Google Calendar integration. What would be even better (for me, anyway) is the simple ability to import individual outside calendars into Weekplan (which is the only thing I still use Google Calendar for). Then I could ditch Google Calendar altogether and just use WeekPlan for 100% of my planning and scheduling!

So, for example, when an employer or sports team sends an ics calendar, we could just import it into a Weekplan workspace and have those events show up as tasks on the given days. Even better would be the ability to also specify which role the events should be marked as.

I think this would make a good supplement to the Google Calendar integration that you're already working on. From my understanding of how the two-way Google Calendar integration works, only newly created events would ever by synced to Weekplan, meaning that there wouldn't be an easy way for users to import into Weekplan events on separately-added calendars (like those work and sports calendars) in Google Calendar.
Under review
I will look into this, it is an interesting way to implement PULL only mechanisms.