Searching work no longer reliably

Franky65 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 6

The search function find not all search terms. My tasks begin with name of customers and short description. The search term of customer name did not found but a word in the description found it.

Not all customers are concerned of this error. Some customer names will found - some names not.

I use the newest Firefox Version. (The searching in Internet Explorer are the same problem).

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Hi there,

Thank you for  reaching out.  If we may  request for more  details about the concern please?   Example:  phrase used when  searching and   the results you get  and what you expect  should  come up as  a result please.

We just need more information to be able to replicate the issue on our  end.

Hi Boolagu,

my Task = "Testheimer - ABC - Mr. Schmidt / Mrs. Schulz"

When I search for "Testheimer" then I receive no answer (I use Filter unfinished Tasks). If Ii search for "Schmidt" or "ABC" then the System shows the correct task.

This is only in some cases with some names. In other cases with other names does the searching functions reply the correct results. And: I have a customer name there runs in the past successful. Now not.

Testheimer is only as an example.

I can you give the concrete customer names but only in private message. How I can send you the names? Separately message?

Thanks in advance!


In additional: the Tasks are subtasks!

I have a similar issue with searching for sub-tasks.

I put a tag of [mm/dd] to indicate the deadline I committed to on the task. As part of my daily review, I search for "[" to pop up any tasks that are due. Most of the top tasks pop up but I need to type in the full date (e.g., [7/28]) for a sub-task with that tag to show up. Individually searching for each date is pretty ornerous, so would love search to pop up all tasks that have the [mm/dd] tag.



Hi there!

Our apologies if we missed your response to this ticket. Please feel free to reach out if you are still need assistance with this. 

We'll be more than happy to help you!