Pie chart explosion!

Joshua E 7 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 5

The pie charts on the left corner keep growing exponentially larger every time I add a new task.  Once they get more than a few hundred pixels wide, the app slows down to the point of unusability.  This is in the main three browsers on the mac -- chrome, safari, and firefox, all up-to-date versions.


Hi Joshua, the pie charts were supposed to have a fixed size :-/ Could you send me a screenshot of what is happening? Thanks!


Sure!  Each time I do something -- add a task, edit a task, switch which week I'm viewing, etc. -- when the week page redraws, the pie chart grows.  Each of these screenshots shows one iteration of growth.  The only way to reset the size is to refresh the page in the browser.  Hopefully these images show clearly what I'm talking about.

Ah ah, amazing!

Ok I will fix that :)

Awesome!  Appreciate all your hard work on this.