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Hi Aymeric,

What do you think of setting the estimated time in pomodoro's?

Especially when you can fine tune your pomodoro (Me as a beginner use 15 min. to get the technique) it would be much more comfortable to attach an estimation and tracking of time.

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Hi, Coen! Once you have enabled the Pomodoro, this will set to ring after 25 minutes by default. While, you can use the notation to set an estimated time for a particular task. Here is a link to learn more on this, http://weekplan.net/how-to-instantly-increase-your-productivity-today-using-the-pomodoro-technique/

Hope this helps!
Coen, I didn't understand your reference to "estimation and tracking of time". Could you please explain what you have in mind with an example?
No one will make estimations of 4, 17, 46 minutes. At least I won't. ;-)

Therefore I was thinking about a kind of dropdown menu where I could select 1, 2, 3, 4,..., 10 'pomodoro's'. Then I could set my estimations of time on a task in just one click.
Coen are you thinking you would have some tasks you would like to estimate at (for example) 3 pomodoro lengths (ie three 25-minute segments)? So when you select 3 from the drop down list you want the Estimated Time to show an hour and a half (including the 5-minute breaks)?
Hi Rich, That's exactly what I meant. What do you think of such an option?
Most of my tasks are of varying length and are much shorter than the 25-minute pomodoro time. So I don't typically estimate my tasks in pomodoro multiples. For those who do I can see your drop down list idea being a very useful feature.

With that said, I still believe the pomodoro timer to be a valuable tool for establishing rhythm, defending focus time and giving your brain and body important breaks.

I recently suggested a hybrid solution that could potentially involve both pomodoro and custom timers. I think it might also make it easier to record your Actual time on tasks.
It seems more and more people are using the timer. I don't think I will introduce the estimation per pomodoro suggestion but maybe allowing to pick from a list of predefined times could work.