Adding role to a new task doesn't show the role once added

RussJackman 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 6

Just switched to the new version, and when I add a new task and select a role, once saved the role does not show.  I have to edit the task again, assign the role, and save for it to show on the calendar properly.

Also, is there a way to choose whether the Add a Task link is at the top or the bottom?  Some of my daily lists are quite long, and it's a hassle to scroll down to add a new task - at the top, it was quick and easy.

Web app

I experienced today the same!

Under review

We have deployed a new version that should fix this issue. Let me know if the issue is still there, thanks!

Now it run´s correct! Thank you!!!

Thanks for fixing that.  Adding the roll now works, however as some of my lists are quite long when I click the Add button at the bottom, sometimes the dropdown of available roles does not appear unless I scroll up the page (using Firefox) - not every time, but enough that it is annoying LOL.  Having the option to choose the Add button at the top of the list would also solve this behaviour.  Thanks, Russ

Hi there,   Glad to  hear  that  it  works  now.   Regarding your  concern  about the  dropdown on the roles when you try to add  long lists,   We  are  having out  technical  team  checking on this.  We will get back to you  once  we  have an update. 

Our apologies for the  inconvenience and  have a great day.


Hi there!

Good day!

We are following up regarding this concern you submitted few months ago. Our sincerest apologies if we may have missed provided the update.

Please feel free to reach out if you are still having the same issue. We'll be more than happy to assist you!