use back links to navigate between subsists - otherwise have an expanded view of all the sublists

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Backlinks will help navigate the sublists when breaking down the tasks. Users can move freely back and forth. 

Otherwise being able to see all of the smaller tasks within the main tasks will work.

Then also allowing the sublist tasks to be dragged onto the calendar. Some tasks will take longer than others. 

This all will help break down the steps into smaller pieces.

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Aymeric Founder
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Sorry, I didn't understand the code idea of your suggestion... What are you suggesting exactly?


For example:


When you click on a task, it goes into the task. There’s the sub-list

But the sub-list items can into that item. It gets a little confusing when you can only go back and forth at once. So instead, there should be backlinks that lists the whole process that looks something like this.


Task -> Subtask 1 -> subtask 1a -> …..


Then you can click back and forth to the task. It’s just nesting it in.


Also I suggested the expansion of subtask, because it’s inconvenient to click into one task at a time.


So the display should be something like this.



  • Subtask 1
    • Subtask 1a
    • Subtask 1b
  • Subtask 2
    • Subtask 2a
    • Subtask 2b


The backlinks would correspond like so with the nesting of the tasks.


The “goals” section. Somehow should automatically show on the schedule lists in the “roles”/”big rock” section. Since right now it’s hidden and I have to specifically go into goals to view everything. Which is not as convenient to access all the tasks.


Thanks for asking.




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Boo L.

Hi Binh,

We  appreciate  the  suggestion.  This may not  be implement in the  near future but  will definitely  be considered as  a further improvement.

Thank you and  have a great day!

Ana Loraine
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