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Just a suggestion. It would be really cool if in Parking Lot you could create a category called "Birthdays" and in it you could list all of the Birthdays you wanted to be made aware of during the year and set them to show up on their respective days without them disappearing from the parking lot as soon as you set the date (such as what the app does currently).

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Why not simply add yearly tasks?

Yeah that works too. (I think I just like the idea of having the birthdays enumerated somewhere so that you can adjust them or delete one or another if necessary). Thanks!


Hi there,

You  have the  option to   create  a  Role  instead and  name it  "Birthday  Reminder".

You have the  option to  set the   date and  set a reminder  for  each  as well

Hope this helps :)

Hey that worked perfect thanks!!!

Glad to be  of help :)  Please   feel  free to reach out  should you need further  assistance.  Have a great day!