Start tutorial button crashes the app

andrew.morsillo 3 years ago updated by Boo L. 3 years ago 3

After clicking the question mark on the top right of the webapp nothing functions and the cursor is stuck as css cursor: pointer. No errors in developer console.

Web app
Under review

Hi there,

Thank you for  reaching out and we  are sorry to hear about your  concern.  May we  ask  which browser are you using please?

We are unable to  replicate the issue on  chrome as it appears  to  work on our  end.   May we also ask  what    exactly happens  when you  click on the   "questions mark " icon?

Hi, I'm using Chrome Version 60.0.3112.90 on Windows 10.  It appears to have started working now. It did not work after initial signup.


We  are  glad to hear  that it  is  resolved now.   Please feel  free to  reach out  should you need anything else.

Have a great day.