Hiding weekend

Tez09 3 years ago updated by Boo L. 3 years ago 4

Setting the displayed number of days to 5 hides Saturday and Sunday from the immediate view but when I scroll across to see pending list, they appear and I have to scroll past them to get onto the pending list.  As a workaround, I don't use pending list but put my queued up tasks in the parking lot. Is there a way I can more permanently hide Saturday and Sunday?

Web app

Is this not feasible due to the carry over of incomplete tasks to the next day?  If you marked a day as non-working, it could automatically hide and carry over move to the next marked "work day"?


1. You should use https://next.weekplan.net which shows 5 lists at a time and pending list is in sidebar.

2. Yes you can set your tasks to roll over automatically if not completed. Go to your workspace settings.

Saturday and Sunday are still visible (i.e. I cannot hide them and just show the working week) but never mind - I can live with it.

Hi there,

Thank you for the  feedback.  We will have this  noted.