Checked tasks continue to pop back up as not being completed.

KVilla 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 9

After checking a task as complete it will later come back as not being completed. This doesn't happen to every task, but it has happened to a number of them. This is happening both in app and online. whatsmybrowser.org/b/6VKL4ZC

iOS app
Under review

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  We  are  sorry to   hear about your   concern.  may we  have a specific  task that manifests the  issue please?

We will have  this checked.

KVilla via email 3 years ago
I cannot remember all of the tasks that had the problem as there were two or three. I do remember "email escrow officer Melissa" as being one of them. And it happened multiple times. 

May we ask, are  you  still  having  the  issue up to  now?


KVilla via email 3 years ago
I apologize for the delay. Yes, I am still having the issue. Tasks continue to "uncheck" themselves. I am also having duplicate tasks popping up on my dashboard. I have not used the software as much as I originally planned to and did not purchase the upgraded subscription because of these issues.

Hi there,

Thank you for letting us know.  May we  request for a  screenshot of the issues please?  To  help give us a visual reference.

KVilla via email 3 years ago
I have checked off most of these tasks multiple times, some at least 4 or 5. "Finished paperwork..." has showed up as a duplicate 3 times now. 

Thank you for  sending this  through.  We will check on it and get back to you  as soon as we have an update.