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Completing one instance of a repeating tasks finishes the big rock

VirtueVigilante 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 3

In next.weekplan.net I noticed that when I plan a big rock, and make the task repeatable, the big rock is completed as soon as I complete the first instance of this repeating task. I wasn't sure to post this in Bugs or Ideas since it's the beta I'm trying. It would be great if big rocks would be aware of repeating tasks and maybe show the progress (like 2/7 repeats completed).

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  We are sorry to hear about  your  concern.

May we  request for a  screenshot of  the  concern and  we will have  this checked?

It is easy to replicate:

1. Add a Goal and a Big Rock

2. Plan the Big Rock in the current week (for example)

3. Go to Schedule and drag the Big Rock into today (for example)

4. Edit the task created by this and make it recurring for today, tomorrow and the day after (for example)

5. Complete the first recurrence (which is today), and this will complete the Big Rock, while the recurrences of the task are still uncompleted.

Not a bug

The first task of the repetition represents the big rock. If you complete the task it will complete the big rock. Another way of doing this is by adding subtasks to the big rock, and scheduling the subtasks. A bit more tedious, but you will get the progress bar you are talking about.