Version 2: how I stop the timer?

Franky65 3 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 7

With joy, I found the timer in version 2 this morning and tried it out at once. But big question: how do I stop the timer? (for tasks that can not be done in one go?)

Web app
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The timer has a stop button, but there is an issue right now that makes it continue to tick.

Sorry, but there is not a stop button - see the screenshot:

The timer shows in the tab of the browser but there is no button...?!?! I tried with chrome and microsoft edge and firefox browser.

The stop button is not yet available. I think this is still in work?

Please try again now - new version including timer's enhancements has been recently published.

I can see a new button to deactivate the sound of timer but not for a stop like in the version 1. Please see the screenshot:

In the Version 1 i can see follow buttons:

Oh sorry! Command back! I find now a new row in the bottom of the window! There I can pause and stop the timer! Sorry! open eyer! Thank you!!!