My completed tasks don't automatically go to the bottom of that day's list. Is there an automatic way to do this (rather than dragging and dropping each to the bottom of the day's list?

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Hi Aymeric, When I complete/check off tasks on a day, the task greys out and has a line through it, which is awesome. But is there a way for the task to automatically move the completed task to the bottom of the list for that day?  Again, THANK YOU for this awesome program.

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Satisfaction mark by Danielle Dispaltro 9 years ago

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Aymeric Founder
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Hi Danielle, it should do that automatically actually. Where are you trying to check the tasks off? Goals / Week or Parking lot?
The feature of completed tasks not automatically moving to the bottom of the day's list stopped working a short time after the new layout was introduced. It seemed to work immediately after the new layout was rolled out, but then stopped working (maybe in the past week).  Is there any way to get this back?  I love this feature as well. I am checking off tasks in the week view.
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Hi Danielle! Completed tasks move automatically below the active tasks.  Feel free to contact us if this does not resolve your concern so we can review this further.  Thank you!