Big rocks in goals view don't show up in roles view

schmatt 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 4

I've just started using Weekplan, and I am very impressed so far. One issue I'm running into, which may be an unfamiliarity, is that the big rocks from the goals view do not show up in the roles view. Basically, the two views seem completely detached from each other. Am I just missing something?

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Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out.  May we  request for a  sample  task  you are  referring to please?  Or maybe a screenshot for us to better understand the concern please?

Unfortunately, I cannot get a screen shot. The goals view doesn't seem to load, and it completely hangs my sessions. I have to open a new tab and reload weekplan to get back to everything else. Basically, I am creating a high level goal in the goals view. Then I create a big rock that applies to the process of achieving that goal from within the goals view. I would expect this big rock to show up in the calendar view, but it does not. I have to create a completely new big rock in the calendar view.

If you look at the goals view, I have multiple big rocks for my goals. But if you look at my calendar view, they do not appear under the roles. Are these supposed to be disconnected? It seems like they should automatically show up under the role when you add it into the goals view. Otherwise, you are having to add it and track it twice.

Also, the goals are associated with a role. However, they do not take on the color of that role. This would be a helpful addition for the goals view.


You need to click on the weeks in the Goals module to tell the tool when to show the big rocks.