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Syncing the color coding from Google calendars

myuth1 3 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 1 year ago 6

I would love if the colors that I chose when I entered the event in Google calendar also synced over to Weekplan because I live through the color coding!

Under review

Hi there,

Thank you for the  suggestion.  We will have this noted for  future improvement.

Have a great day.

I agree... this would be a HUGE benefit for me as well 

If we can't sync color, how about having ability within Week Plan to color code?

Hi there!

Thank you for the suggestions. We do not have this on our priority list at the moment but keep the votes coming.

ya i have a work calendar and it is my work role, would be great if it was auto-categorized and colored.


Thank you for voting on this suggestion. I passed it on to our dev team for further review.