Make WeekPlan a complete planner/calendar

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I've only been using it for a week and a half, but I really love this program. It is very well thought out.

One thing that would really move this to the next level would be making it a complete planner/calendar. Basically, setting it up to do everything with regards to scheduling & removing events. Also, being able to manage multiple calendars (associate a role or person with a specific calendar). Finally, syncing (both push and pull) multiple calendars with Google Calendar, so that there is no need to go into Google Calendar to setup events not associated with a role.

The general idea here is to never need to leave WeekPlan for any scheduling. Currently, it requires using Google Calendar to schedule any event that may pertain to another person and not one of your roles. It just makes things more cumbersome.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your  suggestion.  We  will have this noted and  other users may vote on this .  We will take  it from there to prioritize requests.

Have a great day!


I also love the layout and user experience of google calendar because I work in a job where I have to move appointments around a lot. Right now, I work in google calendar and sync it with weekplan to plan my day and I use weekplan for my to-do list for short term and long-term goals. I think it would be a lot easier, if you used a google calendar layout with a little box in each appointment that can be ticked when something is done. For all the tasks that need to be done that day but without a specific appointment can have a field below each day.