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Displaying subtasks of a subtask

dmikra 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Hi, is there a way to display the subtasks of a subtask?

For example, the subtask "Ever taken the Braverman test?" has additional subtasks, but I'm not seeing them.

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Just to clarify, I'm taking about the view where the Roles and Big Rocks are. (I know I can see those subtasks if I open the parent subtask).


Hi there! 

To view the big rocks/ important tasks under the roles, you have to click on the parent task as well. 

As shown on this link: https://cl.ly/243X2n3c063D

Otherwise, clicking the sub task (of the big rock) will set it to completed status like what happened at the end of the clip.

I think this doesn't answer the question I meant. I didn't mean to ask anything about clicking, rather than SEEING the subtasks of a subtask. Please take a look at my screenshot. The subtask "Ever taken the Braverman test?" has additional subtasks inside it, however they are not displaying (unless you go into the details of "Ever taken the Braverman test?").

See how this can be problematic. Assume that I'm planning my week. I'm going through the Roles and Big Rocks scheduling the various things into my week. Now, if I'm not seeing that "Ever taken the Braverman test" has additional subtasks inside it that need to be scheduled, how can I schedule them? The only way would be to REMEMBER that "Ever taken the Braverman test" has subtasks inside it. Yet how would one be able to remember when you have A LOT of various subtasks captured here and there?

Under review

Hi there,

Our apologies for the confusion and the late response.  We  will take note of this and mark it as a suggestion.  We  will forward this  the dev team for  checking to if it can possibly  be implemented in the future.



Yes, please do. Until this is implemented, I would not be able to become a subscriber to the service.