A way to have "show all subtasks" by default

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Hi, when I look at my Big Roles, Impactful Tasks and Subtasks, I see that by default the subtasks are collapsed and you would have to click "Show all subbtasks".

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Is there a way to have all subtasks showing by default? Sometimes I just want to take a glance at EVERYTHING CAPTURED. I have to go into EVERY SINGLE Impactful Task and click on "Show all subtasks" under each of them, which takes a good minute or two -- quite complicated.

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for reaching us out. Unfortunately, we currently don't have this option. I have noted the feature that you would like to have and at the same time I have passed the request to rest our team.


That'd be great to have it. At this point this appears to be a dealbreaker for me, as I wouldn't have the time to manually expand every single Impactful Task.