How can I add items to be seen in the team weekplan that are in my personal weekplan?

Dicky_Lewis 2 years ago updated by Boo L. 2 years ago 5

I would love to create a 'Team' weekplan where all employees can select items that they want to be seen in the Team weekplan from their own personal weekplans.  Therefore noone can see all of your personal items for the weekplan but you can enter into the Team weekplan what you would like to be 'public'


Hi there,

In case if you already didn't know.
You can create a new work-space, 

where you may invite other team members.

After you send these invitations, your team members can accept and view and edit what you see in that work-space.

You may add additional team members in your work-space by clicking.

Only the workspace/team you invite and others accept can see that workspace. Other workspaces can't be seen by other team members.

you can see here that these work-spaces have multiple members. Other work-spaces where you are the sole member. Those workspaces are not visible to other team members. 

If these does not answer your question, or this is not what you are looking for please let us know. 


I was just wondering though if you could ‘share’ some items in your private workspace but still keep the rest private.  So you don’t have to duplicate items.

For example.  In my personal workspace I write ‘ get milk at 2pm on Monday’ and I set that to be also visible in my shared team workspace so that the team can see Dicky is ‘getting milk at 2pm on Monday’.

It would help so I can have all of my schedule in one place for personal and work.  And I can add work items into the team workspace so we can see what we are doing.


Hi Dicky,

Our apologies for the delay

Only items within the shared workspace may be visible to others.  We do not have the option to share items from your personal space.

Let us know if there is anything else.


Hi there! 

Our apologies as the function to set a task in private is not available with the current version. You may however, create another workspace for you.

Just do the same steps we have previously provided. Rest assured, we will take note of this suggestion. :)


I think what he meant is that, he wants to share some personal task items with other team members in the same work-space with out sharing other task items. Unfortunately, we don't have this feature yet but thank you very much for this suggestion. If you put up this idea in our community, we will be eagerly waiting for enough votes for this feature so that we can put it on our road-map.