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Frederic 2 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 2


I would need to understand how to best use big rocks when they are promoted as task for a day.

Let's imagine than I have a "big rock" like for instance preparing a "trip to Nepal in 2018". I suppose that I would put this goal in my big rocks under family role for instance. There would be a lot of subtasks like plane, equipment, itinerary etc. ?

If this morning, I create a normal task like "preparing a meeting with my banker" this afternoon and since I believe I will have a bit of time, I promote as task my big rock "trip to Nepal in 2018". 

When I am done, with my normal task (bank meeting preparation), I click on done and it disappears with a little noise. However, when I am done with the part I wanted to do with my "trip to Nepal in 2018" task. What should I do ?

It is completed for what I wanted to do today but Big rocks should remain as I will need to come back and work another day/time on this project again and again. So I cannot select completed or it would disappear both for the day (which is good) but it will also disappear from my big rocks (which is not good) ?

However, if I left like that. There is no indication that I actually worked on it and also it seems that it will keep on coming back tomorrow.

Can you tell me how to do ?

Basically, the ideal would be to be able to select completed for any task of the day but just that if it is a big rock task, it would remain in my big rocks as well for another use.

Please note that I use the French version of you app.

Thank you

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Hi Frederic,

Thank you for reaching out.  We are looking into your concern and we will get  back to you as soon as possible




You should schedule the subtasks, instead of the big rock itself. Then you will be able to complete only the subtask.