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Mailbird is a mail client increasingly used for better productivity. It is becoming a champion in its space. It has a unique ecosystem wrapped up as "apps" from within it. Check out

There are many apps across categories. Particularly, under "Get organized" category, WeekPlan's competetion Asana, and Todoist show up. This means, users of these systems can create tasks and progress tasks to completion in more automated way than weekplan.

I know Weekplan has Zapier integration, which was more of less for data synchronization. What we are talking about in Mailbird context is the system helping a human in getting things done, focusing on his humanly activity while the mail client itself would handle a lot of mundane part. I still would like to ask, why is WeekPlan not showing up there?

Is it that Todoist / / Asana more aggressive than team WeekPlan in striking strategic partnerships or coding integrations?

Did the Mailboard approach Weekplan and ask if you'd like to become an app in Mailbird (of course, in addition to your beautiful web interface, not intending to belittle your completeness)

The key point is, no one wants to write down tasks, go to a page/app and do tasks. Not even remember to go and tick. The human way of doing things is more natural. These new players with innovation are coming up to address that natural need. I'd like to see the already good WeekPlan to become better and cater to humans as they need to be catered.

I'd appreciate the views of the founder on this.

Remember, several great programs died when they failed to cater to the adoption pattern of humans. Even the ones that did great once (ex: Nokia) faded away when new humane way of dealing that same stuff was offered by someone else.


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The person who responded did not even read it properly to understand. And no one checks further comments or conversation if something was judged once.

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Hi there,

Thank you for the offer.  We will keep your information and reach out to when  needed.




Just a clarification or correction for your hasty judgement.

There was no "offer".

I'm neither from Mailbird nor remotely affiliated (even in 2nd or 3rd degree) to Mailbird. Do not personally know any staff or agents promoting them. I declare that I have no financial interest in Mailbird too.

I'm WeekPlan's highest-tier paid premium customer, who so far liked it.

Mailbird has a Black Friday offer for Lifetime subscription. While checking out on them, I realized a set of To-Do management platforms linked to them and WeekPlan not.

I was disappointed and then wrote to inquire why was the case. As genuinely I paid Ultimate plan to Weekplan, so do I see that Mailbird is a great mail client and it is going in right direction.

On a day I'd love Mailbird much more than I do now, to the extent of sacrificing WeekPlan and choosing some other supported time management over it, that day you'll lose me.

The purpose of my writing is to check if you'd like to avoid that day.

Of course your directions (and the consequences) are your choices. I'd just appreciate if more appropriate reply can be given, especially a logical reply to the points I asked about. As I read in your one liner, there is nothing answering what I asked.

btw, "Lifetime subscription" is another area I am annoyed with WeekPlan. Understand that there will be some customers who do not mind paying up front, however big it is, but mind a nagging recurring payment. It is just a model that your finance head need to work out. If he is under misconception that offering Lifetime subscription means offering something at loss, he seriously need to go see the world.

Thanks and all the best.