Week Plan Gave Me Hope!

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I must let you know, as well as anyone else reading this, just how valuable Week Plan is for me!

I'm at the midpoint of my Free Ultimate Week Plan Trial. I have 7 days left. Although I pretty much wasted my first week, I'm getting more focused and organized, so that I can use this next week as my "jump-off" week! 

(An Idea, Maybe) I'm unsure if I didn't read everything I was supposed to when I first signed up, or if I should suggest having all the benefits and "extras" available stand out more for new users to notice. I stumbled across the journal and vision extensions last night after downloading the e-book, which I just noticed that you offered. Becoming aware of these added benefits brought about a fire inside of me! It was a motivational kick for me to really give Week Plan a chance by utilizing these extras. It is taking me quite a bit of time to set everything up (roles, boards, tasks, etc.), but I know once I do this, it's only a matter of maintaining the habits.

You may wonder how Ultimate Week Plan could be so valuable to me when I haven't finished setting everything up yet. Just knowing what tools are available and understanding how they work, allows me to already see or envision the change in my life! This only makes Week Plan that much more of a powerful tool for me, because I haven't really worked it to physically see the changes, yet I know what awaits when I do! 

This is an awesome feeling for me! My attention disorder and procrastination habit has caused, not only chaos in my life, but problems in all of my relationships (marital, parental, friendships, educational, and business). I choose BeatTheOdds as my username because my life has been an uphill battle for over 30 years, and I keep getting back up, despite the odds against me. 

Before Week Plan, I saw my life as hopeless and never being able to conquer my continuous uphill struggles. Now, for the first time because of Week Plan, I have hope that I won't have to live the rest of my life in constant struggle!

I am so excited to begin this new way of life! I cannot wait to leave another message in a month or so, after I follow my Week Plan, so I can share the specific changes in my life and how those changes helped me in my relationships!

Thank you again!


P.S. You can BET that the end of my free trial will NOT be the end of me as an Ultimate user! The cost is minimal and when compared to the benefits...it's as if...you are paying me!

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Aymeric Founder
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Wow, I am humbled by such appreciation.

Thank you for taking the time to share this. I am sure my team will love seeing this too.

The reason why we don't show all the features straight away is to avoid scaring people away with too much stuff to learn. Start slow and grow your confidence in using the tool.

Keep in touch with us, let us know what you find difficult to understand, or use. I am keen to help you on this journey.

Good luck!