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Allow THEME in Weekplan 2.0 planner view (I hate white backgrounds) and I love the forest theme

lkairis 2 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 2 years ago 3

I enjoy the layout of Weekplan 2, but do not like that the Themes that work in the original app do not work in the update (at least for schedule/planner/calendar/main view)

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Under review

Hi there! 

Thank you for the suggestion. 

This feature is on the table. :) However, our team is focused on more pressing functions at the moment.


Hi Ana..you'll then come to the questions of who'll make the themes, how to make your own, making old themes work with new version UI and it opens the Pandora box. You might have observed this with any software that allows themes.

I know many software which had a themes feature but hardly there are 2-3 themes to choose from. Themes make sense only if a vendor's software has its presentation completely de-linked from its core number function logic.

Hi there!

Thank you for the suggestion. I will share this toour dev team. :)