Individualized usage

Kat Weeks 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 2

It would be nice if you could create a settings section of week plan, so each user can customize it to their needs. for example, if some users wanted to make the first day of the week Sunday, and other users wanted it to be Monday, they could if they wanted to. It would also be wonderful if you could change the layout of the page so that you could see the day's tasks instead of the entire week's tasks at once if you wanted to.


Hi Kat, you can already set the start of the week as Monday or Sunday if you want (in your workspace settings page: https://app.weekplan.net/#view=WorkspaceSettings)

Seeing only today's tasks has been requested several time, I just need to prioritize it properly as there are other important things to do on weekplan first :)